Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) Testimonials

UFE Provides Life Changing Results for Women

Hear from real women why UFE was the best decision for them and how it positively affected their life. UFE is an effective form of treatment for fibroids as an alternative to a myomectomy or hysterectomy. Learn more about what the UFE procedure is and who is a candidate.

Real Stories From Real Women

sharon“I’m a business owner so it was important that I get back on my feet as soon as possible. I had my procedure on a Thursday and I was sending out emails on Monday of the next week.” – Sharon


“Women who are afraid to wear white pants and who feel a gush of blood flowing every time they get up from their seat. Who pray they have not messed up their seat at work or messed up the back of their pants or their nice skirt when they go out to dinner or they go to church. I hope that by doing this, I let other women know—just like I found out—that there is an alternative.” – Carmen

“Before UFE, during my cycle I would bleed for 10 days. But after UFE I only bled for 3-4 days and significantly less. All the other symptoms I experienced before had improved as soon as three months. I had so much energy afterward. I even started running—it was that drastic.” – Shelly


“Amazing how many people have been through the same thing. I never would have known until you start talking about it and everybody, suddenly it’s “oh yeah”…..either I’ve been through it or I know somebody who’s been through it. It’s obviously may not be the right decision for everyone, but it’s worth considering.” – Luisa

shelaagh“The result for me is I don’t feel tired anymore. I feel younger than I was then. I have far more energy…[and] a flatter looking tummy. It’s been just over a year now. My fibroid is still there but it is a lot smaller and lighter.” – Shelaagh

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